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Welcome to our website about Mirtos; a village in the South Eastern part of Crete, not yet overrun by mass tourism.

We present you with brief information about Mirtos and about sightseeing in the rest of Eastern Crete. You can find more extensive information and more than 2500 photographs and movies about Eastern Crete on the informative website mirtos-reizen.nl.

Mirtos offers tranquility and privacy as well as a magnificent view. When you are looking for accommodations in Mirtos with complete facilities, the small-scale apartment complex Villa Aliki, somewhat higher in the village is a good choice.

In the middle of Mirtos, the luxurious Myrthe apartments is situated. The 6 apartments are all different. Both the village center and the beach are within walking distance of the facilities.
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Please enjoy the information on our website and the related websites and we hope to welcome you in Mirtos, paradise on earth.
Here is a slideshow with photos of Mirtos.

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Mirtos, where the ALWAYS shines. From heaven, but always in the hearts of the people